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Personalized and Insightful College Admissions Counseling

Great College Advice® offers comprehensive, personalized college admissions counseling services to students locally, around the country, and around the world. We first develop a roadmap to establish an educational plan. Then we guide our students as they navigate the college and university search and application process, helping get them accepted to the schools that are right for them. We offer a variety of services so families can choose the level of commitment that suits their needs.

Roadmap Planning Session

Orient Yourself in the College Landscape

One meeting does it all. Get the best college admission advice from a team of experts. We have worked with hundreds of students, and can help you develop a college plan–quickly and at low cost.

We efficiently and effectively gather the most pertinent information from students and families. Then, we analyze this information and present our ideas and strategies in a personalized meeting. We give you thoughtful, tailored information to help you get the most of your high school experience–and achieve success in the college admissions process.

College Admissions Advising

Prepare, Select and Apply to College

Great College Advice offers different packages of all-inclusive college planning services.
Our Premium Package is our most popular offering for families of 10th and 11th graders.
Our Elite Package is best for students aiming for the most selective schools, and suits students from the 8th grade and up.
Our Senior Package is best for students in the final year of the college process.
In addition, we offer admissions advising for athetics, the arts, music, gap year, and international students. Unsure about which package to choose? Our Roadmap Planning Session will guide you to the package that best fits your student.

Intensive Prep Coaching

One-on-One Advice and Support to Achieve Excellence

This counseling offers young people an additional resource to help them imagine, plan, and execute their own vision of excellence. Great College Advice provides guidance and support, as well as a helpful accountability mechanism to keep them motivated, diligent, and ultimately successful. While the implementation of this vision is entirely the responsibility of the student, the guidance and advice we offer can inspire confidence.

Most students of this caliber benefit from a monthly meeting with a counselor with regular email check-ins to keep the student on track and accountable. However, these sessions are priced by the hour so that families can control both the commitment and the cost. After each session, the counselor provides the student and family with a detailed summary of what was discussed and the next steps the student has decided to take.

College Essay Guidance

Develop Your Voice and Tell Your Story

Essays are a vital part of the college application. However, the number and complexity of essays varies greatly from university to university. Some colleges require five or more essays, while others require no essays at all. To ensure you get exactly the type of essay help you need, Great College Advice offers essay packages based on the number of essays and the number of edited drafts we review. Choose from among three great options.

“Mark really helped me with my college application process and I would easily recommend him to anyone who is looking for a college counselor. Mark used an extremely effective method to help me craft my college essays—instead of brainstorming for me and telling me what to write, he guided me to truly reflect who I am as a person, and what I want from a college.”
Max Yang