Roadmap Planning Session

Mapping College Journeys®: The Best College Admissions Advice For Everyone

For only $450, one meeting does it all. Get the best college admissions advice from a team of experts. Great College Advice® has worked with thousands of students and can help you develop a college plan–quickly and at low cost.

The Roadmap Planning Session starts you off in the right direction

Our introductory offering of our signature Great College Advice® gives you the tools and information to move confidently toward your educational future—all for just $450.

We efficiently and effectively gather the most pertinent information from students and families. We then analyze this information and present our ideas and strategies in a personalized meeting. We give you a thoughtful analysis to help you get the most of your high school experience–and achieve success in the college admissions process.

With this roadmap in hand, your family will be better able to determine what sorts of advising services you might need in the coming months and years.  Some may need quite a lot, while others will find this “Roadmap to College” sufficient to chart their own course. 

Who is the Roadmap For?

No matter if your student is aiming for the Ivy League (e.g., Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth), or if your main aim is to reduce the cost of college, or if your student is a star athlete hoping to play in college, or if learning differences are a factor in your choice of colleges, or if your student is a late bloomer trying to figure out what would be the best fit for the future, Great College Advice can create a plan for success.

It’s the best advice, a great value, and a single meeting does it all

  • Academic planning to get the most out of high school
  • Evaluation and calibration of your extracurricular activities
  • Standardized testing strategies (SAT/ACT)
  • Ideas for choosing the right colleges
  • One 60–90 minute session
  • $450 cost applied to any of our packages
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What’s included for $450:

  • A systematic inventory of the student’s academic interests and thoughts about school
  • Results of a career assessment based on the Holland career codes, plus other assessments
  • Questionnaire for parents to share their thoughts about their student’s past and future
  • Results of an optional–but extensive–aptitude test that uncovers a student’s natural strengths and points toward career options (add $50)
  • A 60-90 minute meeting with a college admissions expert to address the primary aspects of college planning, including advice on
    • Course planning
    • Standardized testing
    • Extracurricular involvements
    • Finding schools that best fit the student’s needs and preferences
    • Answers to your “burning questions” about the college admissions process
    • Recommendations for creating a “college action plan” that leads to long term success

What is the cost and what are the benefits?

  • The cost is $450. If you choose to continue with one of our advising packages, the cost will be deducted from the chosen package
  • An honest assessment of the student’s current strengths and weaknesses: academic, extracurricular, and personal
  • Strategies for expanding on those strengths and shoring up those weaknesses
  • A clear picture of the sorts of schools that might suit the student best
  • An understanding of what you might stress (or deemphasize) on the application
  • Indications of what majors and possible career paths might be most suitable for the student
  • A calm voice to help you focus on what is truly important for high school, for college, and beyond

Who should get the Roadmap to College?

This service is suitable for students and families at any point in the process. We provide an expert, outside perspective to college planning, no matter how far away the applications might be. You get the best college admissions advice in an efficient and affordable service.

  • High school juniors who are just staring to think about college
  • High school seniors who probably should have started planning a while back, but are now ready to engage
  • Younger students in 9th and 10th grade who want a jump start on their college journey
  • Middle school students who want to get the most from high school and beyond

The Roadmap to College is a great starting point for families who want to start on the college journey. If you’re ready to purchase, just click the button below to be taken to Paypal. After you complete your purchase, you’ll be directed to a scheduling page and will then get all of the assessments and questionnaires that we use with the Roadmap.

Need more or different kinds of help? We’ve got you covered.

The Roadmap to College is the best college admissions advice you can buy. And it’s the best way to assess your need for further consultation.

Some families choose to continue with a comprehensive package of one-on-one advising services to guide them through the entire process. Learn more about College Admissions Advising!

Some families may have more focused, targeted needs, and we offer a variety of services to meet the needs of every student and family. Learn more about Intensive Prep Coaching.

The $450 cost of the Roadmap Planning Session will be folded into the cost of a complete package.

“I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for consulting services. In him, you will find a mentor with extensive knowledge of the admissions process and one fully-dedicated to helping you craft the best possible application.”
Kevin Li

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