Chapman University is Creating Global Citizens

Earlier this week  I had the opportunity to visit Chapman University in Orange, CA.  Not only was I impressed by the beautiful campus and updated facilities, but the discussion of their Global Citizen initiative also caught my attention.  Chapman has included a Global Citizen requirement in their general education curriculum.  Students can fulfill this requirement by studying abroad or by completing related courses on campus.  Chapman not only has the goal of increasing the number of students who study abroad, but they also want all students to be exposed to course work related to global study.  Basically being a “citizen of the world” is a big deal at Chapman.  Something that might be worth mentioning in an essay or in a discussion with an Admission Officer.  Most colleges and universities have similar types of initiatives on their campuses.  Whether it is increasing diversity, educating students to be socially responsible or adding an ethics requirement to the curriculum, find out what the initiatives are at the schools you are applying to.  It might be interesting to see what direction your favorite college or university is headed!
Katherine Price
Educational Planner
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