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Parents Praise Our Approach

The best way to learn about our college planning services is to listen to parents who have engaged Great College Advice® to help their students through the college admissions maze. Success comes in many different forms, so check out these videos to learn what parents have to say.

Students Share Their Stories

Students often tell us that we have been instrumental in the process. While we know that students get themselves into college, we’re glad our students see value in providing a transformational college planning process.

Testimonials for Mark

”What I found most helpful were all the 1-on-1 chats and calls I had with Mark where he was able to talk through all the ideas I had in my head and turn them into something that was actually actionable. His guidance and wisdom was invaluable in helping me find a college that was just the right fit for me and one where I felt I could thrive. I would recommend Mark for anyone looking for an outstanding college advisor!“
Calvin T.
“I met Mark 10 years ago when I first started applying to college. I was struggling with the application process and did not have a strong support network at home as my dad had passed away and my mom spoke very little English. I reached out to Mark for his help as a college advisor and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. With Mark's help, I received a full scholarship to one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country. He is more than just a college advisor: he continues to be a trusted friend and mentor.”
Amaar F.
“Mark did an amazing job counseling me through the admission process 4 years ago. He understood my priorities and concerns and did everything he could to help me find a great fit. His caring and personal approach made the process very smooth. I especially appreciate that we remain in touch and that he is someone I can always go for advice.”
Alexis D.
“Back when I was applying for college, Mark was a great resource with finding a college that fit with my needs as well as getting through the application process successfully! I loved my undergrad experience and wouldn't have found my alma mater without his help.”
Sofia K.
“Mark’s best trait is that he brings absolute calmness to your child and family situation. He made everyone feel fantastic and at ease throughout the process. Mark is as good as it gets when it comes to serious college advice. When Mark sent us the final bill, I asked him to increase the fee because of the magnificent job he did for our family. My only advice is to hire him ASAP.”
Cole A.
“Mark helped me explore the college options beyond the biggest names. My ultimate college selection was one that I never would have even heard about without his assistance, and it turned out to be the perfect fit for me and an amazing launching pad for my future studies and career. Mark also ensured that I had autonomy throughout the process and that my search was authentic to myself and my goals, which I greatly appreciated and respected as a young person still coming to grips with his own independence.”
Ross W.
“Your guidance and support all along has made our life much easier. To us, it has been a valuable journey during which we developed a better understanding of Christie’s needs and feelings, and we have also learned how to relax and let go in terms of our parenting. Now that she is more confident and relaxed, and we enjoy a much better relationship with each other than before.”
Jacqueline L. and Edmond C.

Testimonials for Andrea

"Patrick will attend UNC next year which was one of his reach schools. I think Andrea's help with his high school curriculum really played a key part in that (it was much more rigorous than I'm sure he would have chosen on his own). Also, simply plugging us in with a great SAT prep tutor was something we would have missed out on otherwise and his SAT scores would have greatly suffered as a result."
Lawson W.
"Thank you for all your assistance in my college search. I’m positive I couldn’t have gotten such amazing results without your recommendations, counsel, and good cheer. You seemed to have the answer to every question. Thank you for talking late at night, making time on the weekends, and reaching the extra mile when I needed you."
"Andrea formed an instant and strong connection with our daughter and helped her stay on top of the college selection and application process. There were regular Skype sessions and homework in-between. Our daughter felt very comfortable in her relationship with Andrea, which is so important when grappling with one of the most important decisions of your young life!"
Kitty S.
"I really enjoyed getting to know you over the past year in all of our meetings! Thank you again for the advice and help throughout the process and in making everything so much easier and more manageable. I appreciate all the time you spent, and I think all of our hard work paid off!"
Avery L.
"Without reservation I would recommend Andrea. She is smart, thoughtful, knowledgeable, responsive and patient. Most importantly, she was able to forge a unique relationship with my daughter that helped to make a process fraught with so much anxiety a much smoother experience for all."

Testimonials for Karen

"I have no doubt that Sam would not be attending Williams College next year if it wasn't for Karen. She really helped us explore and implement interesting summer experiences that helped form Sam over the years (one year he did an internship at a local non-profit that is a political watch dog and one year he worked on a political campaign). Through all this she helped Sam in his becoming a fuller human being. So really, it isn't just that he was able to get into a great school, but she also helped us provide experiences that took Sam deeper in his development. Without Karen, he probably would just have gotten a job at Subway (which is certainly a noble thing as well!) and he wouldn't have had the life-changing summers that he experienced. So she was a college coach but she was also really a life coach."
Patty W.
"Karen is awesome! The schools Karen suggested were all good matches and our daughter was accepted to all of the target schools with scholarship money. Karen was very supportive and was always willing to talk to our daughter and to me (Katherine) when we had questions, no matter what they were."
Katherine B.
"We had a shortened timeline and contacted you all the August before my daughter's senior year. We had been working with a college counselor who was not active enough, and when we got our daughter's SAT score (which was happily very high) we decided we needed a better team for help. Our goals were to get help in doing her applications, and in choosing schools to apply to. Karen was prompt, available and responsive. My daughter felt very supported."
Karen H.
"Karen went above and beyond by not only providing not only her top-notch expertise on the colleges and application process, but in coaching and mentoring my son to make the right decision. She ensured that he was thoughtful about the application process and essays, as well as, holding him accountable to getting things done by specific deadlines. I truly appreciated how she was able to get him to focus on his future and helping him figure out what was most important to him in his upcoming college experience."
Sherry C.

Testimonials for Pam Gentry

“Pam helped me so much throughout the college admissions process. She was able to help me find colleges that would best fit me, set a schedule that took some of the stress out of the process, and in the end got me into a school I am very excited about.”
Jenna W.
“Pam has been amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable and has helped my daughter stay on track and keep the stress out of the college process.”
Maureen B.
“Pam has so much knowledge to share. I highly recommend her!”
Sydelle D.
“Pam was a wonderful help in assisting our child in finding the right college fit for her. She takes the time to get to know her students and was a great resource in the college search. I highly recommend Pam as a college coach.”
Katie R.

Testimonials for Karisa Hunt

“I can’t stop looking at his grinning face in the photo we took last night right after he found out. I am somewhat in shock as we all knew this was a long shot, even if he is an amazing student and human being. Thanks for all of your help and support. We know it made a huge impact on the entire process.”
Peggy B.
“Great College Advice lives up to the name! Advisors worked with me through my application process, providing excellent advice tailored toward my educational goals. Advisors responded quickly and allowed me to finish my applications well ahead of my deadlines, despite submitting my materials to them late. Absolutely would recommend!”
Jessica F.
“Great advice. They help you find a fit rather than a prize.”
Lauren Z.
“Honest, knowledgable group.”
Jody M.

Testimonials for Ahmet Yukleyen

“Great College Advice helped my daughter get accepted to an Ivy League college. They offered great advice that we could not find elsewhere. I recommend them to all of my friends and family.”
Juliet G.
“They have so many resources available for students, and care about the student as a whole. Great advice and great people!”
Ellie G.
“Without Great College Advice, our family would have suffered the stress and pain of a mysterious process - and our granddaughter would not today be at a school where she is enjoying and benefiting from a solid college experience. We will forever be grateful to Great College Advice.”
Marcia G.
“Great College Advice was instrumental in helping both of our daughters through the college admissions process. What could’ve been an overwhelming unbearable process for us ended up being a seamless and positive experience.”
Joanna S.