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What You’ll Learn

8 day video email series designed to help parents navigate the college admissions process

In just 8 days, you will discover how to navigate the college admissions process and actually reach your desired destination—finding the right college for your child’s needs.

While college admissions might be unfair, you can now tip the scale to your advantage with this free video email series.

This video series has 8 critical videos showing parents how the “game” is actually played with action from behind the scenes of the college admissions process.

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Your college choice is no longer just a dream you wish will come true

Dispel the myths that cloud the college admissions process

Presented by Dr. Mark Montgomery

Mark Montgomery, PhD brings his years of experience as a teacher, professor, and college administrator to help his clients find the best college match—and then get in.

Having attended and worked at top colleges (Dartmouth, Tufts, Harvard, Yale), he understands what it takes to be a top student.

Mark and his team have one of the best (if not the best) track records in getting students into their desired colleges.

Last year alone, 97% of their students received offers from at least one of their top three choices.

Along with guiding hundreds of students, Mark has also helped parents avoid big college planning and financial mistakes.

Here's exactly what you’ll learn

Day 1

Why Go to College?

Learn your motives and why you’re
making the choices you choose to make.

Are they really that good?

Day 2

How to Choose a College

The importance of rational criteria
in an irrational decision-making
process. What should you focus on when choosing a college?

Day 3

How to Choose a Major

The pillars of selecting a major that’s
fit for your child.

How do you determine the best choice?

Day 4

The Role of Extracurriculars in Admissions

What role do extracurricular activities play in college admissions? How many things should your child do? When is it okay to quit an activity?

Day 5

Estimating Your Chances of Admission (and Money)

It all sounds great, but is it worth it? Find the easiest money solutions by knowing what colleges actually want.

Day 6

How to Pay for College

What does it take for your child to get a scholarship and how you can avoid debt? Discover how you can fly under the radar.

Day 7

Developing a Coherent Application

Learn how your child can tell his
story, leading back to his big “WHY.”

Day 8

Thank You and Wrap Up

Congratulations and final wrap
up! Mark will remind you about what
you’ll be able to accomplish.

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Our Parents’ Success

What our families say about us and our course

"Working with Mark gave us great confidence in our daughter's choice of a college and assurance that she was applying to and considering schools that fit well with her personality and interests. He also helped us avoid a lot of the stress and conflict that I think can arise when kids are going through the application and selection process. We had a wonderful experience with him.”
Janice Grissom-Scott
“I count Mark among the many that have made significant impact in my daughter's life, but most especially in her plans for college. I feel most fortunate to have crossed paths with Mark—the right person and skills at the right time. Mark expanded my daughter's opportunities in a world we would not have found on our own. Mark’s special talent is one that we very much appreciate and respect, and he has made an important difference in our daughter’s life. Mark Montgomery receives my highest recommendation as you consider a college counselor to assist your future college student.”
Gary Meggison

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