The Best College Admissions Services in Colorado

Identifying and applying to a top-tier college can feel overwhelming, especially when students juggle the intensive demands of high school life. The multi-faceted college admissions process involves many moving components such as narrowing down a college list, writing a college admission essay, scheduling campus visits, or applying for financial aid.

After years of hard work, high school students want and deserver a smooth college application process. At Great College Advice, we proudly assist Colorado-based students in navigating the confusing pathway to higher education as early as entering high school until the day they open an acceptance letter to a first-choice college. So wherever your student is in the college admissions process, Great College Advice will motivate your child to reach the apex of his or her educational journey.

Take Control of Your Future with Best-in-Class College Admissions Services

Choosing the right college is one of the most important decisions a family will ever make. Moreover, admission into competitive undergraduate programs requires applicants to demonstrate the potential for scholastic success as measured by high placement test scores and the completion of all admissions requirements.

Is your college-bound child vying for a spot at selective Top 50 colleges, including the Ivy League? Let Great College Advice provides personalized guidance with the college search, college application, and college decision-making process led by renowned experts with a rich history of success. Whether students originate from Greenwood Village, Boulder, or Denver, Great College Advice guarantee your student will benefit from our deluxe suite of college admissions services, including:

Great College Advice crafts our curriculum to align with each student’s unique needs and academic goals. Parents can rest assured that students will receive adequate support through our wide range of services and resources that draw upon data as well as cutting-edge educational best practices.

Find the Ideal College, Wherever You Are

Great College Advice offers in-person counseling locally and virtual counseling worldwide for international students looking to pursue higher education in the United States.

College Admissions Support You Can Count On

Given the unrealistic demands placed on high school guidance counselors, they cannot always devote sufficient time and advice to each student. That’s where Great College Advice comes in. Whether your student is applying to a top 100 school, state university, or a community college, Great College Advice is ready to support your student through the entire process. Our team of personalized college admissions coaches will help your student apply and earn an acceptance letter to his or her first-choice college. More importantly, Great College Advice makes sure each applicant receives consistent, constructive feedback during every stage of the admissions process.

To learn more about how Great College Advice can support your child’s college journey, dial (720) 279-7577 to schedule a consultation with our college admissions experts today.