Andrea Aronson

The Leading College Admissions Counselor in New Jersey

Andrea Aronson provides college admissions advice from our regional office in Westfield, NJ.

With more than a decade of experience as a college admissions counselor in New Jersey, Andrea is a seasoned advisor who understands the college landscape. Andrea earned an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and has turned her more than 20 years of marketing and business experience toward her true passion – working with students in the college and graduate school admissions process. “My focus is on really understanding our students’ needs, and helping them to find the right fit.”

A Marketing Whiz

Andrea spent years honing her marketing and communications skills at both major corporations — such as American Express, Reader’s Digest and Bank One — as well as small start-up companies. She knows the importance of always putting one’s best foot forward, and she understands how to help students do that for the college and graduate school marketplace.

A Communications Guru and Mentor

Andrea is an experienced writing instructor who has experience both teaching college undergraduates about writing mechanics and composition as well as guiding business professionals on presentation development and copywriting. In addition, she has served as a college admissions interviewer for both Dartmouth and Penn and has recruited and interviewed many college and MBA graduates as a hiring manager.


Andrea provides the full range of college admissions advising. She works with students from all over New Jersey from her office in Westfield, and she also works with students from around the country and around the world. Andrea guides students with different backgrounds and aspirations and has a particular expertise in supporting athletes who aim to play their sport in college.

As a college admissions counselor in New Jersey, Andrea provides the following services as part of her customized college planning.

  • Self-assessment, personality profiles, and aptitude tests
  • Academic planning for high school
  • Test preparation strategies for the SAT and ACT and other standardized tests
  • Calibration of extracurricular involvements
  • Summer planning
  • Campus visit planning
  • Building a balanced college list based on well-structured criteria
  • Financial aid and scholarships
  • College interview preparation
  • Essay writing and editing
  • College application management
  • Admissions deferrals
  • Waiting lists
  • Making the final decision
  • Enhanced guidance on all aspects of athletic recruiting

Track Record of College Admissions Success

Andrea has successfully guided students to all the top tier universities, including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, MIT, Duke, University of Chicago, Tufts, Washington University in St. Louis, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, University of Michigan, University of Texas, University of Virginia, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and many, many others. She also works with students aiming for schools beyond the top tier, including Division 1 athletes and students seeking high levels of financial and scholarship aid. Every student presents new challenges and new opportunities to learn–both about colleges and about the young people she guides on a daily basis. Her experience and expertise make her one of the great college admissions consultants in New Jersey.


  • Dartmouth College: BA in Russian Studies – Cum Laude
  • Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania:  MBA with a concentration in marketing and finance
  • UCLA:  Certificate in College Admissions Counseling

Professional Associations

  • Andrea is a member of the following professional associations dedicated to guiding students through the transition from high school to higher education:
    • Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA)
    • National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC)
    • New Jersey Association of College Admissions Counseling (NJACAC)


Andrea lives in Westfield, New Jersey – a New York City suburb — with her husband, three children, and an awesome Labradoodle named Cisco.  Her favorite things are: skiing, theater, foreign travel, and binge watching all kinds of shows on Netflix. She also prides herself on her ability to complete the New York Times crossword puzzle on an almost weekly basis!

If you seek a college admissions counselor in New Jersey and beyond with outstanding ability and experience, please complete our contact form or call 720.279.7577.


“Thank you for all your assistance in my college search. I’m positive I couldn’t have gotten such amazing results without your recommendations, counsel, and good cheer. You seemed to have the answer to every question. Thank you for talking late at night, making time on the weekends, and reaching the extra mile when I needed you.”

–C.C., Maine

“ Andrea, thank you again for all your help when things got crazy. I don’t know what we would have done without your advice.”

–E.C., California

“Without reservation I would recommend Andrea. She is smart, thoughtful, knowledgeable, responsive and patient. Most importantly, she was able to forge a unique relationship with my daughter that helped to make a process fraught with so much anxiety a much smoother experience for all.”

–L.H., New Hampshire

“Needless to say, I’m ecstatic about all of my acceptances, and I couldn’t appreciate your help more. I’m super glad that I have all of these schools to choose from. Thank you so much for all of your help; it has been a long yet fun process. ”

—S.M., New York